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Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a popular video and motion picture editing, compositing, effects and animation software. Most often it is used for video processing (post-production), creating music videos, commercials, animation, titles, as well as many other elements that require digital video effects.

Key Features

  • Speed ​​up preview and rendering with multi-frame rendering. Accelerate your creative process by utilizing the full power of your system’s processor cores for previewing and rendering. After Effects automatically adjusts system resource usage to maximize the rendering speed of compositions on your computer.
  • Reimagined render queue with notifications removed. The render queue, which also takes advantage of multi-frame rendering, highlights the most important information, such as rendering progress. The Creative Cloud desktop or mobile app allows you to be notified when a render is complete, even on your smartwatch.
  • Composition profiler. Determine which layers and effects take the most time to render compared to other layers and effects. The layer profiler highlights areas of the composition that impact processing time and allows you to optimize your project for faster rendering in future versions.
  • Watch previews. Increased productivity even during rest. If there is no activity for the specified period, After Effects renders the composition so that a preview of the composition is ready when needed.
  • Faster export with Adobe Media Encoder. Multi-frame rendering allows you to export compositions up to 4 times faster, using the full power of the system without refreshing it. Rendering while working on a composition with accelerated rendering in the background in Adobe Media Encoder.
  • Improved playback for HEVC 10-bit format. New hardware accelerated decoding for HEVC 422 10-bit improves playback and editing on Intel-based Windows systems.
  • Enable selection of LUT interpolation method. Allows you to select the LUT interpolation method from the drop-down list in the Project Settings section. Currently, After Effects only supports trilinear or tetrahedral interpolation.
  • Version number unification. With this major release, all Adobe video and audio applications will receive a version number of 22.0, making it easier to check compatibility between applications.

OS: Windows 11/10 64-bit


You can download Adobe After Effects from the link below…

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