Axel Tech CG (Character Generator) Live With Crack

Axel Tech CG (Character Generator) Live With Crack

Software Character Generator SD/HD (requires Blackmagic card/OS Win7), 32 bit transparencies; Flash animations with dynamic text, PNG/TGA/TIFF sequencies; Clocks, crawls, rolls, tickers and RSS feeds; Transitions/effects; Realtime preview on VGA; Preview/key according to the cards.

Axel Tech CGLive is a professional complete set of broadcast tools for TV that manages from real time playout, live titling and character generation.

Axel Technology CGLive features animated background, movements and effects on character and text, images, analog and digital clocks, animated logos, formatted dates, crawl and news tickers.

– Dynamic text: metadatas for text, ticker, crawl and roll can be dynamically passed by the automation (such as, song title and author for music program) and retrieved from externa sources (like TXT files, RSS feed, etc.)
– Manual logo and TV automation graphics can be displayed simultaneously on different layers
– Intelligent page switching: in multiple logo environment only new/modified logos will be displayed in transition, the others will stay on air
– Preview is always available over VGA and also on video output if available (*)
– 32 bit images processing with alpha and transparencies
– Scaling: pixel or percentage, maintain aspect ratio, high quality interpolation
– Cropping
– Multiple layer and priority management
– Safe screen and auto alignment: 0, 5, 10 %
– Upload and download to internal logo library

Axel Tech CGLive integrates with Social Hub (optional), which allows retrieving text, images and video clips from your favourite social media sources, such as whatsapp, facebook, instagram, skype, email, sms, openweathermap, line and rss feeds.

User can select and edit messages before airing or create them from scratch. If your favourite social media is not among the supported plugins, a special Google Chrome plugin allows capturing text and images directly from the browser window and send them on air.

Social Hub is a great add-on for any live program to add dynamic graphical content to the production and engage more efficiently with the audience.


  • Formats SD/HD
  • Internal Key mode SDI in – SDI out
  • External Key mode SDI Fill out – SDI Key out
  • Preview Dedicated SDI output



CG LIVE With Key Features :

  • HD/SD static and animated graphics and logos
  • Antialiased text with gradients, borders and shadows
  • Clock, countup/down, date, crawl, ticker and roll
  • Template editor with multiple layers
  • Preview channel over VGA and SDI/NDI
  • TGA, BMP, PNG, TIF, JPG bitmap sequences
  • Smooth IN/OUT transition: fade, move, zoom
  • 32 Bit images processing with alpha and transparencies
  • GPI on TCP/IP (or Rs-232 as option)
  • Effects: shadow, blur, motion blur, smooth edge (deflicker)
  • Internal key mode (video in – video out) or external key mode (Key and fill outputs)
  • Audio output over SDI/NDI in external key mode
  • Infinite layers on each page
  • Social media integration with Social Hub (sold separately)
  • Customizable shortcuts for each page
  • Safe area on page composer
  • Checkered background on page composer for transparancies highlight
  • On the fly text and media change from user lists
  • UNICODE texts with double byte language support
  • Right to left language support
  • Automatic text size adaptation to areas
  • TTF fonts support
  • Top/bottom/left/right/middle text alignment
  • Text foreground, border and backrgound with 10 point color and alpha gradients with custom angle
  • Custom identation for precise background alignment
  • Fade in/out, move left/right/top/bottom, squeeze X/Y/XY transitions
  • Shadows with color, offset and blur which follow animation alpha
  • Video file animations in bitmap sequences, GIF, quicktime ANIM and Prores 4:4:4:4
  • Video files import in DV, HDV, DVCPRO, MJPEG, MPEG-2, TS, MPG, VOB, H.264, H.265,
  • AV1, MP4, QuickTime, PRORES, DNxHD, AVI, WMV, ASF, MXF, XDCAM, IMX, GXF, LXF, FLV, MKV, WebM, HuffYUV, VP8, VC3, JPEG2000, DPX
  • Animations and video files in loop/stop at end/ stop at end and hide modes
  • Automatic upscale/downscale of media as background
  • Media on background outputs audio in external key mode
  • Smooth crawls with area and speed selection
  • Text, Crawl, roll and ticker datasource from text, CSV, RSS and excel files
  • Automatic update of graphics on datasource change
  • Excel file support of font, front/back color, alignment and hyperlinks to media
  • Smooth tickers with number of lines, timing and transition type
  • Multiple shapes with color gradients, outlines and rounded corners
  • Date and clock with customizable formatting
  • Object layering with priority managemen


You can download Axel Tech CG (Character Generator) Live from the link below…

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