Parted Magic 2022.03.28 with crack

Parted Magic

Parted Magic is a turnkey solution for working with hard disk partitions based on a bootable LiveCD. The package includes a package of utilities with which you can manage partitions, in addition to configure the installed system, work with the Internet, and also perform any operations with data (delete, restore, transfer, etc.).

This is one of the best Linux partition management solutions based on the GParted source code, but with a few improvements. So it contains additional features, such as label management, as well as secure data deletion (more). Third components are available that allow you to fully work with the file systems of operating systems of the Windows family.

The distribution is based on the Linux kernel, as well as the Parted, ntfsprogs and ntfs-3g components. It also uses Busybox to manage Unix systems, Dropbear SSH client/server, and the Firefox browser. The xorg graphics server supports most modern and not very video cards, which allows you to work on almost any system.

• Formatting internal and external hard drives.
• Move, copy, create, delete, expand and shrink partitions on your hard drive.
• Clone hard drives to create a complete backup.
• Checking hard drives and their diagnostics.
• Checking memory for bad sectors.
• Benchmark your computer to evaluate its level of performance.
• Deletion of all data on the hard drive, without the possibility of their recovery.
• Gives access to the hard disk when not booting systems, allows you to save important data.
• Loaded from CD/USB to memory, then can work without CD/USB.
• Supports network connections.


Part 1 + Part 2

You can download the from the link given below

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