Valentina Studio Pro 12.0.4 Crack Free Download


Valentina Studio Pro 12.0.4 Crack Free Download

Today there are many programs for maintaining a database, but not all of them have enough functions to work with them. A tool like Valentina Studio is very handy for administering various databases.

This software is a product of Paradigma Software. You can customize this program according to your needs. This software was created both to work with local databases and with databases located on a remote server. An important advantage of Valentina Studio is that it can work with different database formats such as MySQL, MS SQL, it also supports PostgreSQL and SQLite. In addition, this program has its own format “Valentina DB”. However, it is not v
Main advantages:
• ability to work with different types of popular databases;
• automatic recognition of links between all elements;
• availability of SQL-editor with support for auto-completion of lines and syntax highlighting;
• work with local databases and those located on remote servers;
• a set of tools that allow you to create diagrams and flowcharts;
• interface with independent tabs.

The Valentina Studio database manager has various tools with which you can conveniently work with triggers, views, and create SQL queries of varying complexity. The program has a built-in database object viewer, which provides for simultaneous operation in various modes: a multi-column table and a tree-like list. To show or hide individual pages and blocks, just one click is enough. To create a report on the work done, there is a visual editor. There it is allowed to create graphs, flowcharts, diagrams. This is very convenient when working with a database with a complex structure.

This utility helps to create new databases and edit existing ones. Special keyboard shortcuts are provided for exporting and importing data, but you can also use the program’s interface for this. To make working with databases convenient, you can open each of them in a separate tab or window. The interface can be scaled if desired. In addition, the program provides keys for quickly zooming in and out of individual values ​​and lines.

This application has a well-made graphical shell, it is convenient because it allows you to connect to various databases and quickly perform the necessary work to correct them.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7, Vistaery popular and is practically not used anywhere.


You can download Valentina Studio Pro from the link below

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